You Should Take Out Accident Insurance Today

You should take out accident insurance today

An accident can happen to anyone, at any time. Many accidents occur during your free time when you are not protected by any insurance related to your work. Therefore, it is extra important to be covered by a good personal insurance that applies around the clock. Quickly getting the care you need in connection with an accident can be crucial to your life and therefore an accident insurance is a must.

In this article, we will take a closer look at accident Insurance, what it covers and when you may need to supplement it with an additional insurance.

How an accident insurance works?

The accident insurance provides compensation for bodily injuries caused by external events, such as if you slipped and hurt or if you accidentally cut yourself on something sharp. However, the content of the insurance may differ a lot between different insurance companies, but usually, the compensation looks like this:

  • You are reimbursed for medical expenses in connection with the accident.
  • You will receive compensation for permanent physical and / or mental injuries.
  • You will be reimbursed if the damage impedes your ability to work.
  • You will receive a one-time compensation for injuries such as fractures, stinging, aches or scarring.
  • You will receive compensation if the accident causes a death.

Accident insurance is valid all over the world, around the clock and you do not have to pay deductible for care costs. In addition, you do not have to queue for the public health service, which means that you quickly get the care that you need. The price tag you do not need to think about at all. Accident insurance is usually valid for up to 20 years for children and up to 80 years for adults. In some cases, the compensation is usually reduced already from the age of 45 to the full end when the insured person has reached the age of 80 years. However, as I said, these terms may vary between different companies.

This is not covered by accident insurance

Before you sign an accident insurance policy, you should be aware of what it covers and does not. In this way, you can more easily come up with which protection is the best for you. Here are some points that are usually not replaced by an accident insurance.

  • Diseases and injuries caused by load.
  • Costs of rehabilitation associated with the injury.
  • Injuries associated with highly hazardous sports such as mountaineering and motorsport.

If you are looking for a personal insurance covering both accidents and illness, you can always look for accident Insurance containing a health insurance. Such insurance provides comprehensive protection and compensates not only for injuries associated with accidents, but also if you get persistent, but because of an illness. Some diseases covered by health insurance can be, for example, diabetes, ALS, heart disease and stroke.

When practicing risky sports

If you practice any type of sport that carries certain risks, such as diving, motorsport or off-piste skiing, you can always take out an accident insurance with a so-called sports supplement. This supplement, therefore, applies to accident insurance even when the sport is practiced.

What specific sports need a sports supplement; you can find information about at the insurance company. If a child under the age of 17 exercises the sport, the accident insurance usually applies without a sports supplement. However, remember to immediately supplement the insurance with a sports supplement after the insured person reaches the age of 17 years.

For those who are over 60 years old

Many accident insurance compensations are usually reduced after a certain age. In some cases, it may begin to decline already after reaching the age of 45. Therefore, it may be useful to review the options if you still want to be entitled to a good compensation, even though you are older. Some insurance companies offer accident insurance that is specially adapted for those who are over 60 years old. The price of this insurance can be affected by the choice of insurance amount and, in addition, you rarely need to submit a health declaration.

An accident insurance for those who are over 60 years old usually provides compensation in the following situations:

  • If you suffer a permanent bodily injury due to an accident.
  • In emergency care, hospitalizations, medical expenses and even some travel expenses.
  • In case of tooth damage associated with an accident.
  • In case of damage to glasses and clothes.

Accident insurance is a security in everyday life

As I said, it is difficult to know when the accident occurs and that is why you should always be covered by a good accident insurance. Taking out an accident insurance as an additional protection to your home insurance can feel like a great security in everyday life.

With this insurance you get the care you need quickly and you don’t have to think about the costs either. recommend everyone to take out a good accident insurance to be on the safe side.

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