Save Thousands on the Right Car Insurance

Save thousands on the right car insurance

On this page, there is everything you need to know about car insurance. We help you find the car insurance that suits you best and you can actually save many thousands if you compare car insurance from different insurance companies.

However, knowing which insurance is right is not simply because some need comprehensive insurance coverage while others have a car that is not worth repairing in case of major damage.

Factors affecting the price of insurance

There are a variety of factors that affect the price of your car insurance, the very most common of which are:

  • Your age
  • Which car model you want to insure
  • Your mileage (how far you drive your car every year)

In addition, insurance companies check where in the country you live, whether you live in sparsely populated areas or in the urban area, and how you live, in a villa, condominium or tenancy.

Where you park the car also matters, for example, if you park in your own garage instead of on the street you can get cheaper insurance and if you choose to buy an environmental car you can in many cases get a reduced premium.

Insurance companies try to measure as many things as possible while valuing the factors differently, hence you should compare multiple auto insurance before choosing a new insurance or should renew your current one.

You can always change insurance companies before your insurance expires, so keep track of the annual decay date to have time to compare offers and find the best auto insurance based on your needs.

Different levels of car insurance

The first thing you need to know about auto insurance is that they are divided into 3 different levels:

  1. Motor insurance
  2. Half Insurance
  3. Comprehensive insurance

What is included in the different car insurance may differ greatly between different insurance companies. A home insurance can also be good in connection with a car when you can get compensation if you have been injured in an accident, lost luggage or similar.

Below we will take a little closer look at these different car insurance levels and what they usually contain.

Motor insurance

A motor insurance covers all personal injuries and injuries that occur on other people’s vehicles or property in the event of a collision, so you will not receive any compensation if your own car is damaged.

A motor insurance policy is mandatory on all motor vehicles and should your car miss it, you will be required as a “penalty” on a high motor insurance fee.

The requirement for motor insurance will only apply if you cancel the car, it does not matter if the car has a prohibition of use, driving or is not in a drivable condition, you must always have a motor insurance policy.

Good to know about motor insurance

  • Insurance companies usually offer a cheaper motor insurance premium as a bonus if the car has been injury-free for a number of years.
  • The insurance company may claim back money from you if you are punished for gross negligence in traffic or drunk driving, this is called the right of recourse.

Half Insurance

A semi-insurance, also called partial hull insurance, includes everything that is part of the motor insurance and much more.

In addition to covering personal injury, you will receive compensation for crash injuries from the other party’s motor insurance if you are hit and did not cause the collision.

Below is a list of what is usually included, the details may differ between the different insurance companies.

  • Fire damage; applies to damage due to fire.
  • Glass damage; for example, stone chips or if the car’s windows are cracked or crushed.
  • Machine damage; if there is a malfunction of the electronics or during engine failure.
  • Legal protection; reimburses any costs incurred in disputes and criminal cases.
  • Theft; if someone steals the car or things from the car.

Good to know about half Insurance

  • The semi-insurance does not cover fire damage if it has been caused by a short circuit, frost or cold. This is because such fires should not occur if you service and maintain the car properly.
  • In the case of theft of mounted parts, factory-mounted parts usually provide a higher compensation than parts that are mounted afterwards by you or someone else.
  • Machine damage applies to engine and power transmission and there is always a limitation, for example, it may be that the car should have been driven less than 10 000 miles.

Comprehensive insurance

A full insurance, also called wagon damage insurance, contains everything that is part of a motor insurance and half insurance but also other damages.

This insurance will provide you with the greatest and the most basic financial protection for your car. Insurance companies usually also offer additional insurance, which further improves the conditions.

The part that distinguishes a full insurance from the half insurance is the wagon damage part.

Even if there is only one thing that differentiates insurance, financial protection is very high, because you get compensation for any external damage that may occur on the car with full insurance.

It is usually about injuries during collisions, but can also be about scratching the paint.

Good to know about full insurance

  • When buying a brand-new car is usually included wagon damage warranty for 3 years. This means that you only need to take out half insurance for the first few years to be fully protected. However, remember to take out full insurance when the warranty expires, otherwise, you will be without wagon damage insurance.

Compare and ask

Everyone wants to get as cheap insurance as possible and there are many things one can do to bring down the price but basically it is about comparing and asking.

You simply need to compare the prices and what is included in the insurance so as not to overpay. It is good to make these comparisons regularly because insurers can change their prices and conditions at any time.

You probably don’t want to sit with an insurance company year after year where you pay for a car insurance that you can get cheaper in another place.

If you have had the same car insurance for several years, we advise you to check up on what you pay and compare it with other car insurance. As competition increases over the years, this means that prices tend to fall over time.

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