Where to Invest 1000 Dollars?

Where to invest 1000 dollars

Many people have foreign currency savings. Some people completely prefer the us currency, while others use it only to diversify their monetary cushion. Anyway, the question arises: what to do with the capital, if you managed to collect about $ 1000? It doesn’t make sense to keep banknotes at home, because they will be slowly but surely consumed by inflation.

The best solution is to invest $ 1000 in a financial instrument. In this article, we will tell you what options the investor has and explain how much you can earn on them.


Securities are sold on the stock exchange. Contrary to popular opinion, the exchange is not a closed club for billionaires. Even investors with relatively small capital have access to trading.

In order to invest a thousand dollars in securities, you will have to sign a contract with an intermediary organization; a broker. It will provide you with a trading terminal and will inform you about all changes in quotes.


Forex is a global market created for trading currencies and their derivatives. The threshold for entering it is very high, since the cost of one lot starts from $ 100,000. However, there is a way around this restriction: you need to sign a contract with a Forex dealer. After that, you can invest $ 1000 in one of the currencies.

Make a profit on Forex by trading; buy cheaper, and then sell more expensive. However, such earnings cannot be called simple; according to statistics, only a small part of speculators trade in plus. The rest quickly merge the deposit and leave the market.

Bank deposit

Deposit is the most conservative and widely available way to invest $ 1000. The exact amount of profit and the timing of its receipt are known in advance, and the safety of funds is guaranteed by the state deposit insurance agency. In addition, income from deposits is not taxed, which adds another plus to the bank’s piggy bank.

Do not consider foreign currency deposits as a means of increasing capital. They are only good for accumulating it and storing a financial safety cushion.

Precious metal

Precious metals have always been considered a model of reliability. This is the best protective asset. They are not subject to inflation or the impact of crises; history shows that in times of financial turmoil, metals only add to the price.

Minus investment in metals is long-term nature. To make a profit, you need to keep them for at least 3-5 years.

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