What is BlockDown?

BlockDown is an online conference with the participation of people who are interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Their slogan is “The World’s No.1 3D Virtual Blockchain Conference”. This conference, which was made twice before, was made last week for the third time with intense participation. The main aim of the conference is to exchange ideas and share innovative thoughts about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In this way, the developments in these sectors are accelerated and many people benefit from that. Since the participants can attend the conference by registration, only people who are interested in this subject are included in the conference. This makes it possible for people to brainstorm and inspire each other for long periods without deviating from the subject. For a finance branch that has made its presence clear in the last few years, the knowledgeable and future-oriented people together provide a high quality information hub. For this reason, we recommend that those who are interested in these topics should definitely follow upcoming events. You can find all the necessary information and look at what you need to do to participate with the link below.

Speakers, dates, tickets and all other necessary information are available on their official site:

BlockDown 3.0 Conference

BlockDown online conference, which brought together experts and leading investors in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, performed last week. As the name suggests, the third conference was realized with the Halloween concept this time. The Hallowen concept enabled a large number of participants to have fun. An announcement that will make people was also stated at the conference. According to the statement made, a new conference is planned to be held in a short time. Preparations for the event that will take place in Istanbul next year under the name IstanBlock2021 have already started. Other than that, the most important issue among the topics discussed was the costs of money transfers. It is a great need for everyone to be able to reduce the costs for efficiency. The main source of expenses is transfer transaction fees. Even if these fees are not very high as a percentage, the increase in the number of transactions every day means that the costs increase cumulatively. Many people shared their ideas on this topic and created new solutions, but no idea was fully applicable and inclusive. It seems that reducing fees for transfer transactions will not be possible until a different algorithm is developed by connecting it to the blockchain.

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