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How to Save on Beauty Products?

How to save on beauty products

If one of your purposes is to spend less money on beauty products, you’re in luck. Although we are constantly tempted to splurge on the latest color of lipstick or a mask to repair damaged hair, there are countless ways to save money on beauty products throughout the year; here are some that may come in handy:

Buy quality products

The theory behind this is that if you buy a quality product, it will last you much longer than a cheap imitation. Just as investing in a piece of quality clothing will save you money in the long run (instead of buying several cheaper products that add up the same amount anyway), better quality in a beauty product will allow you to save in the long run, trust the reference brands.

Return the wrong colors

Always ask about the return policy before buying a product, although you should know that you will not be able to return a product once you open the package. If you buy a foundation and it is the wrong color for your skin tone, do not waste money because you can not return something you will never use.

Buy in bulk and share the cost

You may not need six deodorants, lip balms, or razors at once, but buying in bulk and sharing the cost with your friends will help reduce the total amount of money you spend. This is especially useful when you shop on websites where you can opt for discounts, free shipping, or gifts when you purchase a certain amount.

Leverage multi-use products

Look for products that serve more than one purpose (lip stains and sunspots, 2-in-1 conditioner and shampoo, your hair straightener that can also create curls) if you do it right, you’ll buy less and still get the same quality of results.

Only use the products as many times as you need

That “soap, rinse and repeat” indication on the back of all shampoo bottles. It’s false, and you’re using twice the amount of shampoo every time you wash your hair, you don’t need to wash your hair twice every time, so you won’t need to buy shampoo that often. Given that you should only wash your hair once every two days, you can save by buying less. When it comes to makeup, take a day off without makeup a week you’ll be giving your wallet and face a break.

Get rewards

In pharmacies and beauty stores, they often run customer loyalty programs, with some incredible rewards. For example, offers 3×2, the second unit at half price, or with sample products and free shipments.

Make your products last

Store the nail polish in the fridge, clean your makeup brushes weekly, and don’t sink the mascara wand into the tube (this makes you put more air into the tube, drying it faster) all these tricks will make your products last longer. Don’t waste your time and money, throwing away a product when it could have lasted longer.

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